An Officer Speaks Out About The Benefits Of Parking Sensors

A L.A.P.D. Officer who has decided to remain anonymous speaks out about the positive benefits of having parking sensors. The Officer has spent many years on the police force and has served for over half of his life. He comments, “With the aid of sensors on police vehicles, we could constantly be aware of what is behind the vehicle.”


“As Officers, we spend most of our job driving in police cars. The longer we are in a vehicle, the greater the risk we are at to be in an accident.”


“We often find ourselves getting into the vehicle quickly to proceed on emergency calls. Sensors on the vehicle would reduce the number of backing accidents by serving as an extra safeguard for the officers that drive in high stress situations.


“Repairs on the vehicle can be expensive. Vehicle parking sensors would pay for itself if it prevented one single accident or saved us from hitting pedestrians.”



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