Preventing Auto Accidents

Recent studies show that Two out of ten drivers will be in an auto accident this year. Accidents happen everyday. Some accidents could have been prevented, but there are others that are unavoidable. So how does a driver help prevent accidents? First rule is to use common sense and obey the rules of the road. Be sure to driver defensively. Be sure to pay attention to the road and watch what other drivers are doing and what they might do. Be sure to always wear your safety belt. They don’t call it a safety belt for no reason. Also, be sure to avoid any distractions. Stay off your cell phone, don’t play with you ipod, blackberry and avoid texting while driving. Keep up with your vehicle maintenance. When was the last time how had your brakes checked? Are your brakes squeaking? If so, get them checked. Also be sure to check your tires regularly. Last but not least, to help prevent parking accidents, be sure to install rear sensors to the bumper of your vehicle. Parking Sensors let the driver know if he is about to back up into another vehicle, a pole, or a person.

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